Painting fixed, bits made


I had a problem with paint cracking off of a painting.


Green was the main colour effected, so I asked Elly if she could come to the rescue.


Doesn’t it look marvellous now?


It was the blue morning glory which first caught my eye in this painting and made me want to buy it.


The green areas are properly green now thanks to Elly’s repair. Thank you Elly!


I wonder what the jug/vase was like originally- possibly oriental. I would love to know what is on the other side!

This side has a little brown dog on.

Our own little brown dog will be put on a flight from Cyprus on the 14th. We are very excited.

Lyla’s story is here at the bottom of the blog post. When you see the video you will understand why we had to take her in even though she is from another country. Just days after we said yes and she was put in a foster home, the snow and a tornado hit Cyprus. We were just in time for her. Sadly there are others still living rough at risk from harm.


I forgot to share the bunting I sent to the rescue “Jodie’s Cyprus Dog Rehoming” which is helping Lyla.


My slouch socks are now made in more Finnish sock yarn, so you know they are very snuggly.


Quilting Mouse’s “Tea Party Mouse”


“Basket of Sewing Goodies”.

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