Splendid Sampler and Fairy Tale WiPs


I’ve been making the Splendid Sampler blocks alongside Ulla and Simone (see sidebar). This is what 1-61 looks like.


There will be 100 blocks eventually.


Some of these blocks are incredibly detailed considering 2 designs are released each week  (Thursday’s and Sundays). Some weeks these are all I’ve managed.


The One Day Box is a trunk where I put hand knitted baby/children sized items, and books which my one day grandchildren can enjoy. Although the rate at which society is developing, I wonder if childhood will resemble the childhood I gave my children. Will they still use books or will they learn to read on baby I pads? Anyway this merino wool jumper in aged 3-4 years is for the one day box. I’m seeing if I can add a beanie style hat from the left over yarn at the moment, so I guess this is a WiP set.

imageThe 2 crochet bags I shared last time have now been lined in a cute hexagon print. I added a phone sized pocket too.


Now it feels like I can tick them properly off my list. When I created the Wanna Make List back in January, I hadn’t thought that we would be finally moving house so I am WAY behind on it.

These Fairy Tale blocks were made partly at the old house and the last ones finished in Norfolk. This is the first time they have been laid out together.


I’m currently adding frames to each block, then I need to cut 272 2.5″ squares to finish the centre part of this quilt.

I forgot to share this lap rug in crochet. It is a design called Suncatcher Block. I liked it as it resembled stained glass windows. I then added rainbow borders to the 4 blocks, then a lot of black. I like how it turned out. I still need to sew those yarn tails in though. Yuk! There is always one part of a craft I like less than others. In crochet it is definitely the final neatening up after you think you’ve finished.

So that is all for now, a fair bit of WiP but the bags have finally left the craft room after a lot of dithering about whether or not to line them. A little victory for the Tick List.

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Summer 2016 craft catch up


At long long last I can add photos! So here is a catch up of most of the Summer makings. A black chunky cardigan for myself.


A merino wool set for the one day box.


Pumpkinville by Bunny Hill Designs is finally finished! Huge fanfare as it was long overdue.


This pair of knitted beach bunnies went to a friend in honour of a typo with her name.


I made myself a tea wallet with fabrics I bought in remembrance of a departed friend.


Front with a special crow button.


There was enough left over to make a single tea bag key ring.



I made a tea party themed one for my daughter.



A crochet square for daughter’s friend’s baby.



The friend’s mother made her one of these but she didn’t know how to make one, so I had a go.



I made a double wedding ring block Art Deco themed cushion cover for Husband’s birthday.


A tray was painted in pink for the new house. I made a white onion holder with some matching cotton face cloths. It was the start of a “new house heap”.


I painted the big tray white as it was beginning to look tatty.


The centre rounds of Sophie’s Universe made a cup mat.


Single crochet dish cloth.


I had a golly as a child so made one for the one day box.


I made myself a vintage style embroidery companion. Sorry for the bad pic. There is a lot of embroidery in the design.



These are the embroideries when it was a wip.



In the end I made 2 in pink, blue and white.


Crochet bags with left over chunky yarn.



A cowl for a friiend.


A house themed holder for cotton reels, with a needle pad in the roof.





A little 4 ply set for the one day box.


A new journal cover.


Yvonnne W’ Designs “A Day in the Country” with her beautifully hand painted buttons.


A little boys set in 4 ply wool for the one day box.

Now if all of this uploads ok, hopefully next time I can share what I have been making in the new cottage. There is a sun catcher crochet throw, lots of Splendid Sampler blocks, some gardening and some cooking from produce. There are some photos from this new area, as well as trips to share to the Tower of London, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, the Norfolk Broads, and Lucy M Boston’s house. Thank you all so much for bearing with me while we got to the bottom of the technical problems.

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