Rufford Branch Canal + Jodie Coat Prototype


Welcome to the Leeds Liverpool canal. This is Rufford Branch’s dry dock at the junction of the Leeds Liverpool canal looking left


and looking right. Map here. It was finished in 1781 so the cottages around the dry dock date from around then.


This bridge is the junction with the Leeds Liverpool canal.


It was steeper than it looked from the side!


It was a misty Winter morning, not fog on my lens.


View towards Rufford from the bridge. If you want to see the walk all the way to Tarleton in Summer, there are photos here.

After the purgatory of the latest assignment I gave myself the weekend off for a guilt free session in the craft room. It was the 1st I have managed all year!


This is a special coat for Jodie’s Cyprus Dog Rehoming charity (they also help UK dogs). I took their logo from here and blew it up to the right size. I only altered the bottom slightly so the white could stay in one piece.  It was a bit of a faff as I was using up the left over waterproofing so I had to make the outer in 2 sections with a french seam along the spine. As the outer was nylon, I couldn’t get the heat and bonded lettering to stick very well (without melting the nylon- YUK!) so it was all machine sewn.  The lining was from purple cotton in stash. With the scraps I made bunting so I can now give myself a big tick for using up every bit of the waterproofing.

I am now on the look out for cheap purple cotton drill (thick cotton) so I can make smaller coats for the charity which the letters will stick to. If anyone comes across any do give me the heads up. I have tried the local shops but the nearest I could find was royal blue.


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