This Week’s Events


Nikki Tervo’s Quilting Mouse “Sewing Machine” was all I was managing in the run up to the latest assignment.


There was the distraction of a taxi catching fire in front of the house. 2 fire crews attended and dealt with it within half an hour. The taxi started to have smoke coming from the engine area as it was driving past. The driver brought it to a stop and immediately got out. The passenger got out of the back a second later as the flames shot out of the front.The flames were over the height of a single storey, and occasionally debris flew out of it. No one was hurt thankfully but the heat was intense.


I was beginning to think I would need my own “Rocking Chair” and the snarky part of me wanted a shotgun for it and a porch as I may have been just a tiny bit tetchy with getting the assignment finished on time.

Anyway it is all done now and the next one isn’t until 2nd April.


¬†Lovely Husband and I went for a walk today. I know I’m not the only one who could do with some warmer weather so I thought I would share some evidence of Spring.

Yep the White Witch is being defeated! Just look at those drifts of snowdrops!


Lush Spring greens again after the monochrome of Winter.


The odd daffodil was even in bud. Yep Spring is on its way.


So “Tea Pot and Cup” is just the thing to celebrate with. I can recommend rose petal tea.


Thank you all for bearing with me while I finish this course. I can’t wait for normal life to resume in June. Then we shall see about how to celebrate here.

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