Cross-stitch koi “A Rare Sight” completed wip


This is Anchor’s 7″ x 7″ cross stitch called “A Rare Sight.”


I bought the kit in 2002- yep that long ago! Then we moved house and it was left in a drawer for a few years.


It has been picked up and put down so many times since I began sewing it.


It even went as an only project on 3 trips in an effort to make me finish it.


I think the trouble was that it was on 18 bpi navy blue aida, so it could only be worked on in good light.


It also has silver filament fiber,


As well as thicker gold and silver thread (dragonfly wings and water ripples).


You would not believe how pleased I am to not have to put this on the “Wanna Make 2015” list.


I’ve got plans to have it framed as a warning to read the fine print when buying kits, and as a reminder that I can do tough things when I need to.

What craft plans do you have for the New Year?

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