The Night Before Christmas


As a child this was the most magical time for me. There was the anticipation of Father Christmas coming in to my actual bedroom while I slept, so of course I couldn’t sleep. Not for hours and hours.


Overdoing the Christmas treats probably didn’t help my sugar levels. I was probably bouncing off the ceiling.


It was my Grandmother who suggested when I was a bit older, that a long walk with my dog would be nice and tiring on Christmas Eve.


I have always liked walking in the dark especially at this time of the year when it gets dark early. The lights are so pretty in town.


The Christmas Market is there for the first time in the German style with chalets.


Stars adorn the Atkinson Art Gallery.


Lord Street trees are decorated in golden lights. I missed hearing Christmas Carols- it was all so quiet.



It gave me a quiet time to think and wonder what “star” we as a family will be following in 2015. What plans will we make? What decisions will we face? What are the important things for us as a family?

For now, it is important that we are all together as a family under the one roof for Christmas. There are so many who wont have that this year. You have only to read the papers these days to hear of such tragedies which seem all the more poignant so close to Christmas.

We haven’t forgotten the outside critters. Last thing tonight we have a few extra treats to go out on the bird table. They need a helping hand at this time of the year.  That is the true spirit of Christmas- to help those who need it. If you’ve given your pet a new bed or lead or bowl, how about donating the old one to your local charity?  If you are thinking about getting a new pet, do consider  giving a rescue animal a second chance before going to a breeder. Most of them are in rescues through no fault of their own. Finding a new family is probably at the top of their Christmas Lists this year.

I’ll end by wishing you all dear friends a Merry Christmas. Your time and love are the best gifts to anyone.

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