Snowmen and Critters


Terri has shared this on her blog so it is ok to show here.


Close up of the stitchery- penguin, sheep and reindeer.


Close up of the snowman and birds pattern repeat of the border fabric.

I am excited as there is now a 50/50 chance of the UK having a white Christmas. The last time snow settled here was 2010, but my husband can’t remember  the time before that. It would be so good to have snow again. I’m already humming “Let it Snow.”


A little crochet adventure Attic 24’s Bower Bird.

For those who are new to crochet, her tutorials de-mystify crochet terminology. Professional crochet pattern makers could take a leaf out of her book.


Mrs Tiggywinkle is now safe at the rescue. They will keep her well fed and warm over the Winter  as she just isn’t big enough to hibernate.


Then in Spring when she is heavy enough (650g)she is going to be released with some others in the countryside. That must be so much better than our tiny enclosed town garden. Both the rescue and us were amazed that she had managed to find her way in with brick walls and 2 low gates. She must’ve been very small or born here. I will keep an eye out for litter mates who are likely to be just as small as her and need help to survive the Winter.


  Deb Strain’s Celebrate the Season panel.  Details below. I quilted the squares, did red tabs and bound it in white. The backing has Christmas flower fairies on red. (no pic)





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