Gales Refugee Mrs Tiggywinkle and doings


Lovely Husband has been working in London where the hotels are stingy with the tea and coffee in the rooms.


So I have made him a 1940s themed tea/coffee wallet. Cover is a woven navy check.


Inside are dark red, navy blue and dark green Moda Essential Dots and Makower’s Union Jack fabric


Winter sunrise over our street.


Close up of the church tower at sun rise before the gales began.

We have what is being reported as a “weather bomb“.

Late last night the winds were 37mph and we’d had hail earlier. Squeak brought this little lady in, just before bed.

We’ve called her Mrs Tiggywinkle, well we have Hunca Munca in the garden so it seemed appropriate.


We set up accommodation on a reptile heat mat with newspaper bedding, meal worms and water. Hedgehogs/ draenog are having a rough time at the moment, please read this article for why and how you can help.


I am so glad we did as when I weighed her in the morning she was only 320g. Hedgehogs need to be 600g-650g in order to survive hibernation.


We gave her some pouched cat food in the morning which she ate noisily with gusto.


I think she was showing her appreciation. We have a rescue place sorted which will see her through the Winter.

My grandmother always said to help an animal when they ask, so we have.

Do remember your outside critters such as birds in these lean times for them. Just some seed and meal worms can feed a huge variety of wildlife.


So what should I eat when the wind is blowing and it’s icy cold outside?

It sounds like a Pot Noodle Day to me!

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