House Elf Shop Opens Officially + Makings


You know how it is with a gateway where you can see that there is a good journey ahead but it is a big step to open the gate?

Well I’ve finally plucked up the courage and started a little shop to sell my own patterns as pdfs. I will keep adding to it when I have more of my ideas put into fabric, yarn or whatever else springs into my head. I have so many ideas jostling for attention. There is a link in my sidebar and in the banner above. I hope you enjoy your visit there.

Welcome to House Elf Store


So other than Elf Garden what have I been making?

Well there was this little felt pincushion filled with wool batting offcuts which went to Sylvia as a thank you for hosting the Craft Olympics.


The design (Bunny Hill) also had an irresistible Easter pillow which I made for the house.


Little Catherine (born prematurely) came home from hospital.


I made a 6-12m cardi for her to grow into in peach and coral.  It was an ideal way to learn the scallop and pearl border.


There were more felt makings this month- I added a couple of leaves to the lower strip of an Autumn Quilt (Heart to Hand) which I made a while back. I found the other 3 patterns for the quilt on-line so have been working on them. The picture shows the next one completed.


Wreath detail.


Crow detail. I used Perle 5 threads by DMC. They have a single twist rather than the 6 strands in normal embroidery cottons.


This is a UFO from last year. Pumpkinville by Bunny Hill Designs. This is block 4.


Progress so far.

It is all needle turned which is why it is taking me so long.  I like to use heat and bond and then buttonhole stitch as everything is all in the right place. With needle turning I find things slightly askew and the thread keeps getting caught on the pins.

Am I missing a proper technique?


So this is my Easter display so far. The weather is so hit and miss that I am craving Spring colour inside the house. I have even been browsing garden centre flowers to fill my eyes with colour.


The cherry tree came to my rescue. This is my fav Spring sight. The pink with the blue is glorious!


The garden is coming alive!

I just have my course dissertation left to write then I too can be fully alive and go full steam ahead with crafts. Bliss.

I have an idea for a static page “Cherry Cake Chums” where I will collate retro knitting pattern details and try to put them into modern terms so people who like the retro designs can have a go at them with things like the right size needles and yarns. Are there many of you retro knitters out there who would like to share your retro makes on a page and any wisdom you have picked up?

I’m off now to see what you have all been up to. I have been away from Blogland for far too long. Darn you real life!

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