Introducing Finland Monday

 It was Ulla’s birthday on the 20th so I prepared a few things to take to her.
Bag and bits open.
Everything in the bag.
I was so pleased when I found blue dot scissors which co-ordinated. 
A matching bag for flat projects.
A crochet cowl.  
 I made my camera a bag to give it some extra protection in my rucksack.
 Pocket inside for a battery and spare memory card.
A little hanging as Ulla and I were meeting for the 1st time.
 Back of wallhanging.
I quickly knitted this Rikke Hat for daughter and popped it in the post, before I left. 
It was snowing in the UK but the plane left only half an hour late. 
South Finland is flat with lakes and many trees easily seen from the air.
Jokela’s old railway station now a cafe. The village grew in the late 1800s thanks to this railway which supplied the locally made bricks to Helsinki.
We though are only travelling as far as Jarvenpaa.
With its beautiful old wooden buildings.
Ulla organised a trip to see the work of a wonderful painter called Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (1863-1945) in the gallery under the red brick library.
You can see some of her paintings here. She began to paint in a time of repression for women right into modern times. Her work evolved and she continued to work wherever she was living. A threesome developed with her younger sister Tilly and her husband Juhani Aho, after her sister was helping the family after the birth of her 1st son. The sister looked after both of their children with Aho, when Venny was elsewhere with her artistic work. When Aho died Venny didn’t re-marry. I was particularly taken with the way she captured water.
Next time I will show you the Villa Cooper which Ulla has shared before in Blogland.
It was really a dream come true to be there.
I already regret not buying more!

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