Stary Monday

Ginger biscuits to fortify us 
before we head off at sunset to the pier
and try to spot the comet C/2011 L4 Pan-Starrs
It was cloudy though so my camera got distracted.
with stars elsewhere.
 Can you see any comet-looking white blobs to the left of the sunset?
 We couldn’t, so we had a walk back.
Marine Bridge and the town end of the pier.
 Some stars are easier to spot. Debonaire Quilt sold by the Fat Quarter Shop.
French General fabrics.
I think the grey one is one of my new favs.
Backing is also a French General. 
This poster by Fortunino Mantania showing the 1930s  Venetian Night Balls held on the lake here has been in my head for a while. He did a few other posters. Click on link.
I had a bash at doing an acrylic painting of the Marine Lake inspired by it. I used lots of gold and silver to try to create that magical atmosphere. Doing the Love Workshop with Prana Light, gave me the courage to try painting and drawing. Will share the drawings from the course another time.

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