Villa Cooper + not on a Monday!

Welcome to Villa Cooper in Jarvenpaa, Finland.
 It was built in 1904 but moved here in 1918.
You can read about it here.
Tonttu greated us in the foyer.
You then walked through to the dining room with a staircase on the right.
There is such a warm cosy atmosphere which is rare in English plastered stone buildings.
 Inside is full of locally made crafts for sale.
To the left of the dining table is an alcove full of jewellery.
 So many things to tempt me+ I didnät know where to begin!
 It is also part museum where some areas are as the Cooper family would have used them.
Study with woven textiles of famous faces. Amazing!
One of these angels came home with me for Lovely Husband.
 Many figurines to make you smile.
 The room behind the dining room was full of clothing. Look at those amazing wet felted shawls on the left.
 I was taken with this shawl in an orange-yellow yarn with little triangles like the sun.
 The sale table. I very nearly bought the art deco styled cup and biscuit saucer set painted in yellow leaved silver birch. Finland is THE land for silver birch trees.
Amazing radio
which was part of this corner display showing how the living room looked. 
Long stitch and painted framed tiles. 
 Would you use these pot grabs or would you be like me and think about hanging one on a wall as art.
So many pot grabs of all different styles.
 Now we are in the kitchen. Love the range!
I was very taken with the idea Ulla shared with us for making a rug from old clothes. When I saw this example I was sorely tempted. It would be good to have a great example to use to make sure I was doing the technique correctly. It turned out that it was made by Ulla! The very kind lady gave it to me for my hallway. Thank you Ulla.
Just off the kitchen is the pantry arranged as it would have been when the house was lived in.
A sauna themed area. The Finns take their sauna as seriously as this English woman takes her bath. LOL
I should have bought some bits from this section to experiment with in my bath.
Now to the last room completing our right turning circle.
Sparkly hearts and wreaths. I had to get one for daughter as she likes crystals sending rainbows around the room too. Underneath are hung socks galore. Just look at the inventiveness and care taken with each pair. 
I dribbled a bit at the skill involved.
On the opposite wall were hats and amazing mittens. There was a great red pair with a Lapland traditional design on. Sadly Son has paws like a mole so they were too small. I bought a coffee assortment and a parcel of coffee for him so he was very happy. 
Next time I will share the most amazing wool shop I have ever been in, the artist Pekka Halonen epic lakeside house, Silbelius house, and Helsinki airport.

For those who read but do not comment, so I do not have your email address, Sylvia is hosting the  Craft Olympics this year. She will host in German and English and has come up with some fun new rules. Please go here to find out more and sign up.

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