Freaky Weather Monday

 Sunday was Mother’s Day. Tulips came from son.
These FQs came from Daughter along with a can of grape soda. Love grape soda!
Thank you daughter.
She has pointed me at this site for those who need goals to get things done.
It looks like a lot of fun.
Tracy of Prana Light sent me this parcel a while back. She was having a de-stash 
As well as fixing a broken necklace I had sent her and making a heavy pair of moonstone earrings into this gorgeous necklace and earrings. 
Thank you so much Tracy!
The black has already been used for the big Surf and Turf quilt, the olive thread in the last Laurel Burch wallhanging and the saphire blue in the 2 Debi Hubbs wallhangings. I will show you those in a mo.
Lynn of Hey Boo sent me this Spoonflower tea towel calendar, and a great pad to write good things on.
Thank you Lynn!
Now here are the finishing Debi Hubbs wallhangings: “Out To Lunch” 
 I made this in blues to go with the china on the dressers.
 “The Quilters” is on another wall in the dining room.
 Hung on an Ikea rod.
 There was an episode of the 1950s based series “Call the Midwife” last night where a scout group were being taught how to make origami frogs.
Lovely Husband can do origami, so he made one for me.
After all the folding, you blow into the frog’s bottom and voila
A frog!
The Blue Wave crochet is growing.
 Pumpkinville 2 is complete. The button owl eyes will go on later.
So far today we’ve had swirling snow coming from clear blue skies with the sun shining.
I wonder what these new crocuses think.

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