Monday’s weekly report

It isn’t quite Spring but they are predicting a warmer week 14C.
 The Laurel Burch “Mythical Horses” panel is all finished.
It was the last of my long stroked Laurel Burch panels.
 “The Quilters” by Debi Hubb is bonded in place at last. 
You don’t want to know how long it took!

 “Winterberry” free hot waterbottle cover pattern from this site.
The blue one went to Daughter. This one is for Son.
Pumpkin Pie is finished. I shouldn’t have been surprised that I had to piece the perfect backing fabric (green with orange stars) after piecing the borders on it.
 Socks which I didn’t manage to make for Son last year have finally been made.
Inspired by Tracy of Prana Light, I’m doing a bit of crochet while hiding from Pumpkinville 2 (roof needs removing and repositioning. I really dislike that part of needleturning!) and the 2 Debi Hubb’s still need hand sewing.
I’m going to try to keep Mondays as my blogging day and get back into a routine.

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