Craft Olympics Closing Ceremony

Well Santa has been down our chimneys.
 We’ve sang carols and decorated the tree.
But some of us have been on adventures “through the wardrobe” and into new crafting lands which we hadn’t explored previously.
We’ve pushed ourselves to make 5 different projects using 5 different crafts.
One had to be totally new to us.
But we managed it! 
I am so proud of all you ladies who dared to step out of your comfort zone.
Thank you for making the Craft Olympics a success. 

You all managed it while preparing food to feed an army,
 and dining and entertaining;
In your secret places you have created marvels
burning the midnight oil
and getting up early.
So let us sit together and relax. 
We got through 2012.
Please click on each of the names in my sidebar. They should lead to the post where a Craft Olympic project was shared.
If there are any mistakes please let me know. 
I will remove the Craft Olympic information on the 1st February, so you only have a month to see the marvels which have been created. 
I hope it has inspired you to try more new things in 2013.
Can all you ladies who have earned 1 Thimble or more, please email me your addresses by the 8th. I have a little surprise planned.
While we’re sitting comfy I will tell you a secret.
 I have a prize for the person who has left the most comments on posts from November until the end of the year.
There were 2 when I went back with my pen and paper:
Stephanie of Loft Creations
Tracy of Prana Light
So ladies there will be a little something in the post to you both as a thank you.
Everyone’s comments have been so appreciated in the topsy turvey year which was 2012.
Here’s to 2013 holding even more adventures for us!
Thank you all so much.

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