Ludlow Castle Medieval Christmas Fair

The sun is up, so we’ll go to Ludlow. 
There is thick fog around Shrewsbury.
I’d like to visit the town one day and see Cadfael’s town. 
But we are going to Ludlow Castle ‘s Medieval Christmas Fair. It is an annual event. I think we were last here a couple of years ago.
Bridge over the moat south side.
 Bridge over the moat east side.
There are wonderful pics here.
 View to the north. The 2 princes (“princes in the tower“, of London fame) Edward 12 years and Richard 9 years must’ve known this view well as they grew up here with their maternal uncle. It was put about that their evil hunchbacked paternal uncle Richard III (Plantagenet) had killed them to prevent the young Edward V being crowned king in London.  Henry VII (Tudor) was in power when these rumours surfaced in historical documents. He had already killed or married off to his relatives, any Plantagenets who might pose a threat to his claim on the throne, it is possible that he was responsible.
There is a book by Josephine Tey called The Daughter of Time which has a good summary of the facts.
Norman archway 
 In this tower. It was lovely to have stalls within the bailey- it made the castle feel alive.
Inside- beautiful arches -have a look at the faces on some of them. 
 It must’ve felt like this hundreds of years ago with people bustling around
bringing the castle back to life. 
 On the high tower a group sang Medieval song while in appropriate costume.
View of the bailey stalls. Most of the fair was outside the bailey with huge marquees full of stalls. 
 So we’ll go back over the moat and explore them.
Afterwards we explored the town, then returned home tired out.
Ludlow is well worth a visit.

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