Chrissidecks Day

Fortify yourself! Yesterday was Chrissidecks Day when we put the Christmas decorations up. 
I had been working on a new to me technique of fabric paints.  for my 5th and final Craft Olympic Challenge.
You paint a design on paper and leave to dry.
You then layer baking parchment, a 65% polyester -cotton fabric, and your painted paper face down. 
 Then add another layer of baking parchment and transfer the paint onto the fabric with a hot dry iron.
I used an offcut of curtain lining and came out with this. 
 The motifs are from Lynette Anderson’s Country Cottage book and are printed full size.
 I could now tidy the painting things away and get on with finding decorations and putting up the tree.
I wont claim my 5th Thimble until I have done something with the motifs.
 This is how I spent the rest of the morning.
 Sadly we only have The Sober fairy this year. Son had to remind me that Gabriella the Gin Fairy had lurched her last a year ago. I was looking for her and a place where she could stay without falling over or swooping down on us. The year when she dropped down onto the table in the middle of Christmas Dinner is a family classic moment.
 My choir of elderly elves are singing on the mantle piece. There are no nails in walls where we got the house fit to sell. Now we have taken it off the market, nails will have to return.
 So far just this room is decorated. It looks likely that the study fireplace will be fitted this coming week. I wont believe it though until they turn up. We have waited weeks longer than we were led to believe it would take.
I was just resting, stirring the mulled wine steeped in the spices and fruit for the evening, when Lovely Hubby asked if I could go up in the loft and drill holes in the tiny gap under the eaves for CCTV cables as he and Son couldn’t get in there. It’s taken a while to get power and the cables into position, so the power has been on and off in the house.
 For the last 2 Decembers we have had “odd men” come to the door for no real reason, possibly trying to break in. We are hoping that the closed circuit cameras will deter them from even coming in the garden this year. We can view them on Hubby’s phone if we are out, so if there is anything suspicious we can phone the police. 
I looked more like a chimney sweep when I came down. This is a shot of son and I asking if we are as dirty as one another. I was knackered! It felt like I had gone potholing. My body isn’t meant to bend like that at my age.
Anyway job done and a wallow in the bath wondering if I will ever learn.  Last week it was walking in heels into town, getting blisters and soaking my feet in a mustard bath. Yep feeling glamorous to feeling like a cripple in just a few hours. Lovely Husband kept chuckling while I threw myself a pity party. HMPH!
By the time I felt human again it was evening.
We have another tradition on Chrissidecks Day- we each buy a new ornament for the Christmas Tree. 
Lovely Husband chose the star, son the skier, and me the bird.
The theory is that when the children are old enough for their own trees, they will have a collection of ornaments to share the memories of with their loved ones.
Then it was just us, the hounds (Squeak is such a lap dog!) and some mulled wine, pate and cheese
and a warm fire.
All Christmassy here.  

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