10cc, Pinks and Greens, Maccu Piccu

10cc were very good the other night. I was surprised at how many songs I recognised.  “Dreadlocks Holiday” “Art for Art’s Sake” “Wall Street Shuffle” “Rubber Bullets” etc.
Hesketh Park is changing from Summer to Autumn.
The dew was still on the grass in the shade.
Bees are getting the last of the flowers.
The trees are fading to yellow.
So I am caught between thinking of gingerbread cottages
and the pinks of Summer.
 Very delicious shade of pink. LOL
Now onto crafting matters. I found a bargain of plastic backed fabric. It is the green colourway of the pink I have already used to line some cupboards. Instead of the £9.99/m it was £2.99/m so I bought enough to finish all the kitchen cupboards and drawers. 
It was just the kick I needed to get on with that lingering job.
What do you need a kick to get on with?
This hat is more of a beret when it is on with a butterfly crochet decoration. 
I have done more crafting but as usual nothing I can show. Operation Christmas Elf is well underway. OOO I am having so much fun with it. I have a tick list and everything. 🙂

Daughter Laura has decided to do a sponsored trip to Peru  raising £2850 with her uni’s support. She will visit the Lares Valley seeing how the local farmers live, then see Maccu Piccu and Cusco. For those of you who know me well, when I was temporarily paralysed, it was the dream of walking up those steps to Maccu Piccu which kept me going through physio and got me walking again.   It is a place none of us have visited in the family but is special to us. Laura would be the1st to see it. I am so excited for her!

If any of you wish to donate towards her going (proceeds to the Epilepsy Society and Practical Action) then please click this link. It takes you to her donation page. It accepts Paypal, Credit or Debit Cards.
 I have also got a badge at the top of this page.
Thank You.

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