No weather for birds! Makings.

 I can share this now it is safely with Stephanie of Loft Creations
for her birthday.
 Remember the tea bag holder I made for Grethe on the right?
Well I made one for Stephanie too
With polka dots and birds on.

Some vintage Halloween recommendations:

Moon Stallion
Children of the Stones
Shadows– various episodes.
Box of Delights– a little Christmassy
Come Back Lucy– “

After all who want to be out in the weather we are having. All that fresh air and exercise can’t be good for you when it’s blowing a gale.

I didn’t know helicopters could loop the loop but as you can see, the definitely can!
Look clockwise from top left.
This trumpeter swan was giving an aerobic class I think.
Clockwise from top left.
Click to read about them.
In this awful weather we are all having. Spare a thought for the birds who’ve been caught up in it. Some of them may not be able to migrate on time or find enough food.
A bag of peanuts, stale bread or some grain will make a lot of difference to our feathery friends.
Click to enlarge this typical view from our house -the sky is filled with pink footed geese.
More will arrive here as the weather allows.

Button Backed Cushion.

At long last I have something I can share on here. Recognise the stitchery Anne Marie?
She gave it in a kit for me when we met.
I bordered and backed it before quilting in the ditch.
To make the button bands, I rolled the red fabric inside the RST of the green, so all 3 raw edges were together and stitched 1/4″ seam.
Then I turned it RSO and marked the position of the buttonholes.
I machine made the buttonholes.
RST I placed the buttonhole fabric at the top then the button fabric, on top of the front of the cushion.
(Very important to remember to place the button holes 1st.)
I then sewed all round the edges (making sure the white bit of selvedge was inside- yes that was how close I was cutting the fabric!), then overlocked all round.
RSO front- looks pretty good.
I sewed the buttons on the back and put a 40cm x 60cm feather pillow inside.
And there you have it a proper finish I can share. 
Now I have some sad news. Tracy is going to close her Etsy site Prana Light.
The good news is that she has some absolute lovelies for sale at the moment.
A lot of these will be Christmas presents. I can totally vouch for the quality of her items. 
She also takes much better pics of them than I do. 🙂

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