Looking up: Formation Flying.

 2 rainbows outside the craft room window!
Back on the 8th September was the Southport Air Show. 
The Red Arrows put on a marvellous display of formation flying.
I used to live in Brize Norton near where they were based in Little Rissington.
So these are familiar sights. (Concord position)
York Diamond.
 Nowadays this formation flying by pink footed geese is a more familiar sight.
There are about 6000 so far arrived for Winter at Martin Mere Wetlands nearby.  Squadrons fly over the house in V formations at least 2x a day.
 I squeezed some lemons and tangerines, and mashed some bananas and added them to a sponge mixture. It turned out pretty edible for one of my experiments.
Son was in A+E for 4 hours on Friday with a deep cut. There wasn’t enough skin to sew him up so he has 7 stero strips.It was the 1st day of the half term hols so we were wondering what else he would do to himself. I bet the rotter will try to use it as an excuse for getting out of doing anything other than computer games!
Squeak demonstrating the greyhound principle of “If you lay it, they will come”.
That’s my polyester batting!
 I can share the front of the button backed cushion cover now it has arrived at Daughter’s uni room. These are the left over squares from the quilt.
This is a sneak peek. Sorry I can’t share more. I promise I have been busy today slaving in the craft room.
The Craft Olympic Athletes have been busy this month. To see their projects just click on their name under the Thimble Challenge and it should take you directly to their post.

There are gorgeous UK pics of Autumn here. Stunning colours!

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