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“So what’s your ideal date?” Lovely Husband looked briefly away from the TV.
Millenium Falcon with Chewbacca driving and Spock as 1st Mate” I reply quick as a wink.
“I was thinking of our anniversary” he continues. Then he realises what I have said.
“That is so geeky!”
Outraged I start to justify my reasons but Son pipes up
“No she’s not geeky Dad.”
I start to feel justified.
“She’s nerd!”
“HMPH!” I stomp off to the kitchen with my head held high. Males! They are such a different species.
So here’s a kitchen idea. Take an old plastic covered cloth. This one was a table cloth and then a painting cloth so it has seen better days. 
Bottom out a kitchen cupboard. Measure each shelf- your stiff plastic rulers are excellent.
Measure the fabric and mark it. Cut on the lines.
 You should end up with something which looks like this.
Then clean the old contents (get rid of any over a decade past their sell by dates!) and put them back.
I labeled the tea and coffee tins after this photo.
So have a look in your kitchen at THAT drawer or cupboard. You know the one your mother in law is bound to open on a visit. I double dare you to go through it making 3 piles:
Then reward yourself with a cuppa. There doesn’t that feel better.
You are a domestic goddess for the day. 🙂

I’d like to introduce you to a new designer from Australia called Yvonne W.        
 As you can see she paints the most amazing buttons. 
I adore the sewing machine ones- go take a lookie!
She sent the Christmas Wallhanging free to people who commented on one of her blog posts. I ordered the above wonderful Christmas cushion pattern. It will go in my Christmas stocking.
You want to see those buttons don’t you?
Oh all right then. 🙂
Yvonne thought the elf hat was a great button for me. How right she was!
 The wreath and welcome sign came with the cushion. So so cute!
Here Operation Christmas Elf is progressing. I have nearly caught up with the week I lost to flu so hopefully more parcels will leave the house this week. Sorry for the early arrivals ladies, but with the house on the market, I daren’t leave things laying around.  
Stephanie of Loft Creations has already bailed me out this week by resending a pattern of hers (top secret elf project) which I had lost in a tidy up. It must be in a parallel universe.
If you want to know the latest weather here- just look at the 1st and last pics. 
That kitchen drawer projects looks tempting now doesn’t it!
Go on -go tackle it!

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