Craft Olympics 3, Christmas Ideas.

The pinks and blues of Summer have ended.
The sun is lower in the sky and the days are cooler.
Nature is putting on my favourite display of colour.
It’s a time to bake spice cookies,
 and wrap up parcels.
I have also unwrapped a couple of parcels.
 I won a Giveaway at Stephanie’s blog Loft Creations. She knows how son likes owls and I like crows so she added some fabrics she found.
Thank you so much Stephanie. The clips, needles, tape, buttons and 2 plastic covered fabric pouches are such a lovely set. Thank you also from Son and I for the pretty fabrics.
Sorry Terri a Baby Ruth went missing before the phot got taken. Ermmmm (cough) can’t think how that happened. Thank you so much for the lovely edibles and doggy fabric for next year’s makings for a dog charity. Terri’s blog is Quiltncards.
It was so kind of both of you. Thank you. 
I slept a lot over the weekendand am finally over the flu.  I managed to finish my 3rd challenge for the Craft Olympics- mastering the crocheted granny square. I am so pleased that I have managed this challenge to myself. A whole new world of crafting has opened up to me.  I even managed a crocheted edge and to crochet the squares together.
Here is the back of a present I can’t show the front of. I wanted to share the idea with you for your Christmas present making. 
Clove Filled Mat
  • Make a little bag to put whole cloves into, of a size which will fit into the centre of your mat without touching the quilt stitching. 
  • When filled, so the cloves make a flat surface inside it, sew the opening shut.
  • Make a front and back it in polyester wadding. Can be as fancy as you like.
  • Make a back and back it in polyester wadding.
  • Place the back piece on the worktop RS down. 
  • Put the clove bag into the centre. 
  • Place the front piece on top with the RS up. 
  • Baste in place and quilt.
  • Apply a binding around the edge.
  • Hand sew the binding to finish. 
You then have a scented mat for warm dishes which will release that Christmassy clove smell into the dining room.
Lastly this is another idea for a Christmas present or even as part of a room makeover. 
A Button Backed Cushion Cover.
  • Make the front however you like. Back and quilt it if necessary, but dont bind it.
  • Cut 2 pieces 1″ wider than the front of the cushion at 5″ wide and fold in half on the long side. One will be for the button and the other for your buttonhole. 
  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the back of the cushion and sew the button piece to one and the buttonhole to the other. 
  • Overlock or zig zag the seam afterwards.
  • Mark and make the button hole in the centre of the band, however your machine does them to suit the button you have chosen.
  • Pin the 2 pieces how they would be once the button is in place. 
  • Lay the front over the back with the button hole band lowest of all. RS outward. 
  • Baste then sew the binding through all layers.
  • Hand sew the binding in place on the back.
As you can see you can create a smart look. 
I don’t know about you but  little things like that get my mind thinking so I can create something perfect for the recipient. I just need a little reminder of techniques out there.

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