Bad Weather Ideas

Squeak  had enough of bad weather. 
So I got the squirty cream out.
“Yum!” says Squeak.
“What’s that on my nose?” asks Bungle.
“Did you put it there?”
“If I ignore it will it go away?”
“No it doesn’t!”
“Just lick your nose Bungle” advises Squeak. 
He got the hang of it eventually. Ex-racing greyhounds have had so little experience of real life that it is so funny to watch them be puppies again and do things for the 1st time that a normal dog with a puppy-hood  did at the right age.
This is Squeak’s fav position- being snuggled  asleep. She was very good at this nursemaid position when I had flu.
 I am trying to clear the backlog of photos, so here is a link to this year’s Blackpool Illuminations.
It’s like this a lot these days so I came up with a few ideas of what I could be doing.
5 Things to do in Bad Weather.
  1.  Make scones and have a cream tea with the best china and pretend it’s Summer.
  2.  Have a fire, draw the curtains and light a lamp, then find a good book and a snuggly quilt.
  3.  Make a warm and nourishing soup from scratch.
  4.  Phone or visit a lone friend or neighbour.
  5.  Plan your next craft project.
I hope you are having good weather wherever you are. I am about to catch up in blogland and carry on with my secret makings for Christmas. Sorry no pics I can share.
Please see my sidebar for the new Olympic Craft challenges which the athletes have completed and cheer them on. Each should link to a blog post showing their progress. If I have missed anyone’s out please email me the link and I’ll add it.

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