Getting Better

 Sorry I have been out of Blogland with flu caught from Lovely Son. So what do I have to show you for a week of having a box of tissues stuffed up each nostril? Well these hats got posted to a friend having chemo.
I got the free patterns from this site. They also have cloth patterns and crochet patterns.
 Which leads me nicely to this:
I have conquered the crocheted granny square!  For far too long the dark art of crochet has thwarted me. I longed to make the bright throws which seemed to be everywhere in my crochet-ponchoed childhood. This will be my 3rd Thimble Challenge for the Craft Olympics when it is finished. Some of the squares were made from the leftovers of the hat below.
If anyone has completed a Thimble Challenge but I haven’t put a link up to it on my sidebar then please let me know.
 I used 2 balls of DK on this floppy brimmed hat, one knitted from the centre and one knitted from the outside. Both floppy hats were from the same balls but they do look different thanks to the variation in colour across the ball. 
For those knitters who liked the colours in the Noro yarns but hated the price, these King Cole Riot look similar and are 30% wool and 70% acrylic.
The Firework Championships were back in town at the weekend. 
 We were too ill to go but got a wonderful view from the doorstep.
Lastly here is a sneak peek of what I ought to be working on. 

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