Poor Bungle

 Just a tiny post to tell you that Bungle had a trip to the vet.We came downstairs one morning to a bloodbath where he had bumped a skin tag. I couldn’t stop the bleed.
He had to have an operation so he milked us all for sympathy. Squeak decided to keep an eye on him…or perhaps that was his dog bed, food and then him? She is a minx!
He took it all in his stride and didn’t mess with the dressing. It came off today and the stitches are dissolving nicely.
I’ve got lots I can’t show but will share what I can next time. I’ve been working like the clappers all week. 
Son has flu so instead of Trollers Gill today, I am making French Onion soup and grilling cheese on bread. I’ve changed the blog for Autumn but it feels more like Winter. It hasn’t stopped raining since Sunday. A lot of the UK has flood alerts.

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