Weymouth and Bowleaze Cove, makings

Weymouth’s famous clock tower.
Art Deco The Pier Bandstand.
 Head east out of Weymouth.
You come to Jordan Hill overlooking Bowleaze Cove. There is a Roman Temple on the left by the houses. When there was a landslide, the Bowleaze Cove Jewel was uncovered.  It is a pointer (aestel) to help read Anglo Saxon Manuscripts. The Alfred Jewel in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford performs a similar function.
I wonder if these rooks started to inhabit Jordan Hill to eat any offerings they could scavinge.
They were certainly here when I was a child- not so long ago as the Romans! No matter what my children say. 
They all started arriving. 
 We dug out left over rice cakes, pastry and crisps from an earlier picnic.
 It was beautiful to be so close to them in flight.
They waited patiently
and introduced us to their little ones. It made me smile to think that I fed their ancestors on sandwich crusts.
Things weren’t all the same though. The old ruin in Bowleaze Cove is now a wonderful hotel- Riviera Hotel. A local said an Arab had bought it for millions from Pontins and spent millions on doing it up. 
It was good to see it looking so good after decades of neglect. 
It was a dull grey peeling paint tragedy when I swam here as a child.
At low tide you can walk west along the bay into Weymouth. Constable painted this scene.
This jetty wasn’t here back then. Now it takes people out  for little boat trips.
Son of course was in the water.
 Lovely husband and Brian shared a moment.

He is a smiley lad.
It’s hard to think of this site being anything to do with smuggling and shipwrecks. But have a read on the links at the bottom of this page.
 Now drumroll. I have finally finished the last of the GRWE makings for their stall on the 11th.  Thank you so much for your ideas. 
Above are 14 more pooch pouches designed by Stephanie of Loft Creations.  Go here for a full gallery of her designs.
Below are 14 key ring fobs from the last of that red dot fabric. I only had scraps left after all that, so I can say that I have finally finished. I will now get back to the Fairy Quilt, the North Pole Blocks, cutting a quilt for Daughter to return to uni with, and knitting the sleeves on the little aran jumper. These things have been waiting patiently for me.

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