Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, in, out and makings

 To the east of Weymouth is Lulworth Cove. Above is the Doll House sweet shop.
Inside. Just look at the incredible thickness of the ceiling timbers! it is said that it came from Canada in the 1860s and was rebuilt in the 1920s.You dont get that quality in modern houses. 
We walked on down to the sea.
Guess who was in the water again?
 The whole male contingent went in. They came out carbonmonoxide pink with the cold. Daughter and I exchanged a look and snigger at such foolishness.
 There is now a heritage centre where you can learn more about the archaeology and geology of the area.
This is a good link for a time line.
A myriad of thatched cottages in the village. The link has a lot more photos in and more history of the village.
Squeak and I climbed up the cliffs.
 It was worth it for these zoomed shots
 of the mouth of the cove.
 Just imagine the force of the tectonic plates as the ground was thrust up to make these cliffs.
View of Lulworth
View of Lulworth Cove.
But let us go a little to the west.
 This reminded me of a submarine with the crew on deck. It really was canoe people who has swum out in their life jackets. Cue theme to The Hunt for Red October in my head.
But let us walk on
to Durdle Door.
It’s a very famous landmark but there are worries about its long term survival.
 But what is that in the distance?
 Yes that mysterious Isle of Portland where I took you before. Can you understand the fascination I had with the island as a child?
People who commented on my 100th Blog Post each received a tissue holder made with Kaffe Fassett fabric.
 Close up.
And a lavender bag each from the lavender in my garden.
I added a few bits and pieces.
 Simone sent me a cute elephant bookmark. She has been experimenting with Zakka projects and making them her own when the instructions weren’t very good.
Grethe sent me a beautiful hand stitched wallhanging. Just look at the detail!
Stephanie knows I love Autumn and so is helping me prepare for it with gorgeous fabrics and buttons.  Such a cute Engelbreit card. I am a fan of hers.
 Ulla has heard of my Autumn love too with these beautiful fabrics, pretty red wool and of course chocolates and some eucalyptus sweets.
Thank you ladies- your packages have brought a smile to my face in what has been a tough couple of weeks.
At last I have made the sample socks for this book.
It is a new technique as you begin at the toes and make both socks at the same time. I liked the sound of that as I don’t like the small left overs at the end of making socks. It doesn’t seem big enough for anything proper. So this new way would let me go around making the socks a little longer and have no waste. 🙂
My other making is a little aran. I need to sew it up next. Both items will go to my niece. I sort of lost my sewing mojo after posting those items to GRWE, and haven’t done a lot since.
Next time I will take you inland to Blandford Forum in Dorset. I put on my archaeology head in the place we were staying with surprising results.

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