Makings, Isle of Portland

52 Bandanas all overlocked and hemmed ready for the GRWE show on the 11th August.
 I made some dog bowl mats from offcuts.
 They are double sided bones/roses.
There are 6 all finished. Big tick on my list to get them done.
 Last night I began this little aran jumper. Yep like I had nothing else to do. Someone ought to shoot me! 
Anyway I am now making the front to go with it. 
I will make a few more pooch pouches and key ring fobs thn the GRWE things are done.
 Bur let me take you back to July in Dorset. We drove along a road like a causeway with the sea on both sides to get to the Isle of Portland.
There is a newly built Olympic Village for the sailors all prepared. Security was tight in this area.
We went up through Fortuneswell 
So we could look down  at the way we had come.
 Chesil Beach: the subject of Victorian paintings and archaeological interest.
 Portland Harbour. The Navy used to have a presence here.
 But now it is ready for sailors from all over the world to arrive.
The coast is rich in dinosaur bones. I couldn’t see any though.
 I was looking!
Weymouth can be seen in the distance.
Brian’s camera only zoomed in this far. Mine ran out of batteries. You can see the flags of many nations though.
We explored the south of the island.
There was a lighthouse
And then another- Portland Bill.
 So now whenever yu hear the shipping forecast you know what area they are talking about.
 What a view for these houses.
 I could almost imagine Constable painting this scene.
But we will return to the mainland.
Down past the hills chiselled out for stone- St Paul’s Cathedral was made from it. 
Thomas Hardy wrote about this area and its quarrymen.

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