Sunset and Under Water, + Makings

 This is the last of Hampshire.
It felt right that I share the end of a day.
With the rain coming in from the west.
As the sun set.
 To the east the sky was blue, lilacs and greys.
 But to the west were peaches, pinks and yellow.
I watched the rain creep closer.
 By the old MOD buildings.
 I was standing guard just in case Son got into difficulties on his last swim here.
 The sky is so beautiful and the light so clear. It is a shame I am no painter.
In the morning I zoomed my camera to the Isle of Wight.
It could go where we didn’t this time. 
View of the Isle of Wight from Eastney beach.
These pictures are taken in the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth.
It was a good place to go on a rainy day.
When sheets of rain kept coming in almost blinding you.
 It’s no fun to be in a tent at that time.
 Raindrops almost deafen you.
So what better time to enjoy the tranquility of an aquarium?
Just watch our for sharks
and jellyfish.
Amazing colour.
It wasn’t all aquariums.
 There were also reptiles
And otters.
Here’s what I’ve been doing in the last few days:
 6 Pooch pouches for GRWE made with permnission from Stephanie‘s tutorial
Another 6 but in the blue greyhound fabric this time.
The cup mats are now all bound. 🙂 I have grouped them into 3 greoups of 4 and one group of 2.
 Close up of one cup mat.
 One set are of standing/running greyhounds, another shows them playing.
This set shows greyhounds sitting and the pair show them running. 
Most have a gold star background but one set has the remnants of Bungle’s dog bed with a brown on black design.
The Art Deco mats have just been finished into 2 sets of 4.
Each set has one each of these
And one each of these.
One set is bound in ginger homespun and backed in a gold fabric.
The other set is bound in brown and backed in a Roman fabric.  
I am now off to bed. I will catch up with you tomorrow. I am relieved to put a tick on the list by these 22 cup mats. I have 6 dog bowl mats ready to top stitch – will share as soon as they are finished.
Next time the Sailing Olympic Village near Weymouth, Dorset.

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