Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth and makings

I took you to Old Portsmouth back in January
I even showed you the Royal Garrison Church
which dates back to medieval times 1212 and was the hospital part of an ecclestical complex.
The roof was taken by a bomb in 1941. The roofed part is the chancel which was the hospital church. Inside it retains its original Medieval cross vaulted ceiling.
This is a useful link for further reading 
Above momument to the Gallipoli war at Benin Sula.
But let us go in.
A font remains. The flames must’ve destroyed most of the wooden things.
 I could almost see the medieval beds lining the walls and the ill people listening to the mass being sung in the chancel at the end of the room.
It felt so strange though to have no roof over the central part.
 It felt like a quiet place for contemplation.
Thoughts of a Christian Navy  worshipping here in more recent times or parading just outside when the area was the Governor of Portsmouth’s house.
 But let us go inside. Just look at the patchwork quilt you could make from the floor design!
A Gothic pinnacled font cover. It was the 1st time I had seen one this shape.
 The windows are all new commemorating soldiers through the ages.
 Medieval cross vaulted ceiling.
The ones nearest the door show signs of having been scorched. 
Next post is the last of Hampshire. We then move to Dorset
So what has been happening here? Well these parcels have been arriving from Ulla and myself to the ladies who have been making Lynette Anderson’s Scandinavian Christmas.  See the sidebar on Ulla’s blog to see each person’s block.
I finished knitting the 100g of Alpaca/silk yarn which Tracy so kindly sent. My daughter loves it.  
 I’ve been using some stash to make tissue holders for the GRWE charity show on the 11th August.
Tissue Holders How To
Cut an inner 7.5″ x 5.5″
Cut an outer 6.5″ x 5.5″
Sew the outer to the inner along both 5.5″ seams.
Turn RSO
Iron so the inner shows by 1/4″ to both sides.
Fold these edges in to the centre and sew in place like in above picture. 
Turn and put tissue packet inside.
 I think I got a bit carried away using up the batik left over from the huge crow and pumpkin sculptures.
I trawled my stash to find some more fabric to make some more 20″ squares halved bandanas.
Hubby said he was posting a parcel to a friend, so these 3 lavender bags and a tissue holder got popped in.
Such an unusual fabric.
I found the scrap left over from last time to make 2 more GRWE tissue holders. 
It was all a bit much for Squeak.
 The 6 parcels for my 100th Blog Post celebration are wrapped and ready to go.
This though is my pile for the next few evenings. 
I took your advice about mats for the 5″ greyhound blocks. I now have 22 to bind. (Thanks for that! LOL)
I have got hold of some swivel clips from Spa of all places, and a few key rings, so those projects will be coming up. 
Sorry I’ve not been in touch much. Daughter and I went into Liverpool on Monday. I needed Tuesday to recover. Just tell me how do these women shop in high heels? Honestly some of the heels I saw being worn were more than 4″ high and the women were carrying loads of bags. Perhaps they have the stamina of an Olympian?
Talking of the Olympics, I’ve been catching bits of the Gymnastics. That was enough exercise for me- my eyeballs have had a real work out.
Time to catch up with you all now and try to ignore the binding sewing for a little while. I’ll grab a cuppa first. See you in a mo.

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