Give away, Lumps Park and storm

From the rose garden we walked into a park on the site of Lumps Fort (Victorian).
Canoe Lake. We shared an icecream.
 This was meant to be a photo of Squeak having the cone. She’s a bit quick!
I like her smile in this photo.
Southsea pier and lake with swan boats.
 Oriental poppy.
Herbaceus border. What a lovely view for these houses.
 This statue overlooks the lake.
The silhouette is beautiful. Applique angel?
Serene face with a dove.
 Further west towards Portsmouth is Clarence Pier with a fun fair.
Spitbank Fort is out in the Solent to help guard Portsmouth harbour.
You can hire it for your own personal party.
Ok quickly take shelter at the pier.
Just look at the grey of the sky! We take shelter as it thunders and lightenings around us.
I felt so sorry for these poor pigeons. Have you ever seen anything so bedraggled?  
So back to here and now. We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics. What a spectacle! 
My fav country’s outfit award has to go to Croatia. 
Word must’ve reached them that we were having the wettest Summer on record, so they turned up in blue wellies and umbrellas. I had to laugh. 
Wonderful sense of humour! Well done Croatia!
Squeak showing that her nose isn’t quite long enough even for a greyhound. She couldn’t see a thing!
Give Away News
Now you know that I don’t like give-away tourism: where total strangers turn up on your blog just so they have a chance of getting something for nothing, and then you don’t see them again. Well I’ve just had my 100 blog post on this blog, so those who commented will all get a little something from me as soon as I’ve sorted GRWE makings. 
I have everyone’s address apart from Siri’s. Can you email it to me please Siri?
Lets settle down to a cup of tea and a slice of mincemeat cake. I’d like to pick your brains.
The bandanas for GRWE have been overlocked.
 I have these bits left plus my stash. The squares are 5″ charm size. 
Any ideas on what you think would sell on a fete stall with these greyhound themed charms and the left over greyhound fabrics?
Other doings here included taking out a tree (stump by conifer for the boys to deal with) and filling the car twice over with prunings. The wheeley bin is full too from doing the back garden.
I couldn’t resist picking up the knitting needles for this 50% Alpaca 50% Silk blend of yarn with Tracy sent. Here is half of the scarf from a free on-line pattern. You wouldn’t believe how soft it is.
Please share your ideas with me about the fabric. What would you buy at a dog show/ fete? What would you like to see at such a place but wouldn’t normally?

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