T de F progress.

Isn’t it strange what you see when you are happily minding your own business (for once!). 
I had to laugh at this astro turf car. It looked like a mushy pea from a distance.
This was meant to be a Carry Out/ Take Away, but I couldn’t imagine one of those at the North Pole, so it became the Carol Shop.
Royal Toy Works, Candy Cane Factory, and a Hats and Mittens tower.
 Santa welcoming us to the NorthPole.
 Marble Makers.
Reindeer Barn
Slick’s Sledges
 North Pole Bakery.
 Santa Delivering part 1
 and 2.
So there we have it all 16 blocks bonded and ready to pack for our travels.
 The craft room looks like a bomb exploded with auditioned fabrics! That is my next job.
Todd the 3rd Fairy stitchery has had some progress. He should be finished tonight.
Go to Hanne’s sidebar to see what other people are making in the Tour de Fibre.

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