Tour de Fibre Gone Mobile

 Todd the fairy is finished,
Bend your head to the left and you can see crossed whip stitch for the fishing line. I’m on a strange computer so I don’t know how to rotate it.
I’m just in from a wonderful walk in the dusk 
through Brasenose Woods and up to Shotover.
Marsh orchid.
I usd to run her in the evenings before they made paths like this.
 Wild honeysuckle.
 Beautiful tree shapes.
 Briar rose.
Bungle has finally met someone bigger than him- an 8m Irish Wolf Hound! He will grow another 3 inches the owner said. He was an utter sweetheart- I had a hug.
 Daughter and Fluff in a field which should be yellow with buttercups.
 This is the sandpit I played in as a child at the top of Shotover. It is so much smaller. The children and their friends played here too. They are all very grown up now, so no one played in the rain.
We have now hurried home. I will catch up with you all when I can. It is so so lovely to be back home with so many familiar things.

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