Rain, TdeF 2, Prom, Thieves

 It’s been the sort of day where the hounds want to snuggle down with quilts. I started to bond “Welcome to the North Pole”.
Mr and Mrs Claus’ House
Elves’ Recreation Centre
Reindeer with Trees.
Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop
Elves’ Bunkhouse.
George’s Garage (should be Carl’s Car and Trucks) and Deliah’s Doll Shop.
This is what I am currently working on- Todd Fairy.
Today was son’s 1st prom. We organised a corsage for his partner on a black pearl wristlet.
 Son had a matching buttonhole.
They made a pretty set- perfect for a 1st prom.
We got back from dropping son and partner off when there was a tapping on the window- very soft.
A man was very surprised when Lovely Husband went to the door. I ran upstairs- there was another man lurking outside a neighbour’s house behind a hedge. The man said he was from another house way further down the road and asked for money as a loan until tomorrow! 
I grabbed my camera and a hound but they were out of sight. I checked down other roads which are having their bin day tomorrow to see if they were trying other houses but no luck. Lovely Husband called the police who said they would patrol.
I think we were targeted because:
  • The car was on the road and not the driveway.
  • We hadn’t put our bin out and the neighbours had.
  • Only one light was on downstairs.
  • Newspapers were still in the porch.
So this is just a reminder for those going out- make sure your house is locked tight and plenty of lights are on.  Better safe than sorry.

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