The Drape, Brantwood, Makings

Normal dogs do this sort of thing.
Bungle however likes to be held in the water while he serenely drapes himself like a feather boa.
The draping contiues on land.
Squeak drapes too- I think it is a greyhound thing.
I’ve shown you Brantwood House before haven’t I- home of John Ruskin?
Well my camera can take us closer than before.
It is set within 250 acres of gardens.
The herb garden has over 200 species laid out according to Medieval principles.  I would like to see that.
Ruskin favoured the Art and Craft movement. You can see details like the oriel window in the house, which continue the Medieval theme.
There is an organic flow to the house as if bits were added on, rather than the whole built all at one time.
It makes the building seem more natural in the landscape. This was intentional. 
So what’s been happening here in the last 2 days?
Well the secret quilt is backed, quilted bound and hidden.
I like how the pattern made star shapes.
I even managed to use all of this vintage hunting print on the back. 🙂 That fabric had to wait quite a while for the right project. As hunting with hounds is now banned in this country, this fabric is a little bit of history. I am glad to have used it at last.
Daughter tried out an idea for me with hand quilting and beads. I think it works well.
Centre fabric is Moda’s Simplicity range. It will have to wait to be bound- we have a house viewing potentially for tomorrow. I have to tidy the house. Fingers crossed!

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