South Lake, Triathlon, Jubilee, Makings

The Lakes are so beautiful.
 South of Lake Coniston. Peel Island (Wild Cat Island to readers of Swallows and Amazons) is on the right.
Sunny Bank Mill- now holiday apartments. Next door is Sunny Bank Farm.
Typical Lake District view (west bank of Lake Coniston).
Click to see how the local stone was used in construction.
On Lake Coniston itself, there was the swimming part of a triathlon. 
See the pink hats Ulla? They looked like odd water birds swimming the circuit. 
There was a bit of a regatta going on at the Sailing Club.
 So many pretty spinnakers were unfurled when heading south.
In Coniston village a jubilee celebration was being held.
 Everyone was invited.
They even had their own queen attend.
Coniston Manor Hall    
 Now let me bring you up to date with my makings in spite of work getting in my way. 
This is the finished Wringer Washer by Stephanie of Loft Creations.
It was fun to make from stash. I finished it in a dotty binding.
Now shhh this one is being kept quiet in the craft room at the moment. It is for Son’s 17th birthday in September. I am working at getting all my big quilts made while I have the space. This one is a big twin size. I will have to be careful when layering it up.
Son liked the charity quilt I made in the horse fabric with browns blues and greens. It might remind him of the break in the Lakes with the raining clouds, streams, logs, and greenery.
It is based on the Thimbleberry design “Oak Leaf Cuddly” but I didn’t have enough of one fabric for the main squares. I left the borders minimal to fit on the batting I had. Son has been wanting a longer length quilt as he is getting tall. He says his duvet is too short!!

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