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 Pipsqueak has that look on her face. The sun is shining and the birds are singing so it’s time to go for a walk.
 I ran some errands then we walked around the Marine Lake in town.
It seems to be her fav walk.
There are geese to keep an eye on.
And so many shades of blue.
 Nouveau metal details on a shelter.
“Supplied to William Robson ironworker Southport, by David King and sons, Possilpark, Glasgow”.  
I looked at this timeline, so this must date from after 1885.
Light shining through the water under the bridge.
Marine Bridge and one of the 4 metal sculptures which surround it.
There are 4 sculptures near the start of the pier.
 Now I can zoom in and show you properly.
 I zoomed in to this goldfinch having a rest. Such a pretty fellow.
A rugosa rose. I inhaled deeply- the 1st rose smells of the year. 🙂
Another of the old shelters near the lake.
Fountain in town. 
 Very appreciated on a hot day.
Not a cloud in the sky.
Beautiful colour and texture on the water.
Syncronised goslings.
4 adults kept an eye on this new brood.
Pipsqueak had a go at mountaineering before it got too hot and she longed to go home. No stamina these greyhounds!

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