Road Trip

 Can you see the crow on the bare branches?
 The crow kept an eye on me.
 We had stopped at a motorway services with a lake by its field.
 See the rushes by the fountain?
 There was a heron watching the water there.
 I laid back on the grass and listened to the birdsong. Bliss!
 Grazing geese.
 Dozing mallard duck.
 I think this is the prettiest motorway services we have ever stopped at.
 This had us giggling when the traffic was busy.
 Misty sunrise just south of Salisbury.
 Near a little village called Coombe Bissett where I have ancestors in the Victorian period.
 There was talk of divorce in the car at the speed Mr Houseelf  was going which caused so many botched photos of New Forest ponies. In the end he came to a complete stop so I could take this one. The horse looks so surprised – she was eating her breakfast.
 Magpie- a corvid is never far away.
 See the little thatched cotage by the bank? It was originally 2 cottages but belonging to tailors.
 It is for sale but the road was too busy for us.
 Let me show you Langport, Somerset. The Hanging Chapel is all that remains of a defensible wall around the Saxon town up on the hill..
 All Saints Church
 At the top of the hill is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Huish Episcopi.
 Beautiful details!
 Down the hill along Bow Street in Langport is the River Parrett.
 This is the “new” 3 span bridge mentioned in the Langport article.
 We drove past this house which was one of my favs if we find a buyer in time.
There were sandbags by the door, and this innocent looking stream was just over the road. This site confirmed that this cottage is prone to flooding.

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