Rumpelstiltskin Weekend

 Ever had one of those weekends where you are faced with a room of straw you need to turn into gold? No? Well I had a craft room of piles of projects and ideas for projects heaped up in the craft room so I set to work. I knew if a guy turned up to help me that his name had to be Rumpelstiltskin- it would be the only way I would get everything done. 🙂
Above was a WIP
 From this 1950s magazine (top right).
It is a knitted, sewn and embroidered tea cosy.
Which is now with its new owner as a birthday present.
The brick knitting stitch was interesting. Click to enlarge.
It is lined in warm and natural batting and fabric and bound like a quilt at the base.
Scandinavian Christmas by Lynette Anderson is all finished.
 Even the label on the back.
Block 4
Block 3
Block 2
Block 1
Thank you Ulla for hosting this challenge.  I don’t think this would’ve been finished without the group. It was tough going with so much cross stitch on the upholstery weight linen I was using.
I have done all I can on Angel Garden by Lynette Anderson, until the adhesive bias arrives.
  Can you believe I ordered it in the UK on Monday morning!!
I have a little idea for you all. How about sharing a photo of your fav fabrics and making yourself a promise that this year you WILL DO SOMETHING with them? 
While hunting for fabrics, I kept coming across gorgeous fabrics that I hadn’t used for years. I put on my big girlie knickers and used a lot of Kaffe Fassett’s Paperweight, Planet, and Freckles fabrics for Angel Garden. That way I will get to see them more than when they are sat in a drawer. Go on challenge yourself and stop stroking those fabrics and actually cut them! 🙂
I have a feeling my stash of Laurel Burch might get an airing this year. 🙂
Last year Terri sent me some squares to play with for charity. Thank you Terri, sorry it has taken me so long to play with them.
5″ cat blocks have become a mat suitable for food bowls etc. or for a cat-mad household. I have done the binding on these now but took the photos while the light was good this afternoon.
This single 6″ block became a  pot grab/mat.
 I am still working on the arrangement of these blocks to play with tomorrow.
These blocks from Terri became a single quilt. 
Brown and cream sashing and corner stones, with a horse border.
This block of a map gave me the idea to make this a bit like a globe 
Polar bears went to the top (North) and penguins to the South. Butterflies were near the Equater.
Thank you Terri. These will be posted after the Bank Holiday to the charity who gave us Fluff over a decade ago: Greyhounds In Need

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