Croston Walk 1 and makings

 Please please please can we go out?
So we walked along the River Douglas to Croston.
Sheep have lambed and ducks are paired.
The river has built up banks to prevent flooding.
Flotsom and jetsom islands flosted past us.
So many greens highlighted with the poplars.
Edge of Croston
Unpaired male mallard ducks.
The river is so narrow here.
 I worried that Lovely Husband wouldn’t be able to fit his shoulders through this narrowest bridge ever.
The smell of garlic
Spanish squill and bluebells- so May time. I’m reading “Peverel Papers” by Flora Thompson who wrote “Larkrise to Candleford.” The May entry talks about bluebells.
I thought I ought to show you the cat mat with the binding done. It is in the post to Greyhounds in Need
Hen pot grab with the binding done is accompanying it.
Plain faun backing.
As is the Nature Quilt.
The back is made from the horse fabric with a brownedging.
 The little cat mat is travelling too.
 My machine hates breaking off thread so this got made between the others.
 A l;ittle cake themed pot grab.
Lastly this one too is on its way to Greyhounds in Need. Thank you Terri so much for all the squares which inspired these projects. 
I’ve also been playing with my birthday presents for 2011.
There is now a pieced stack. I’ll show you in a sec where it was going to go.
Shh top secret- Lovely Husband’s birthday on the 16th. A lavender bag from Bareroots booklet.
Angel Garden, by Lynette Anderson, has sat since the Monday before last awaiting for the adhesive tape from Uk Sewing Machines. One of the two ordered arrived finally on Friday, so I cracked on with the project. Thankfully I managed to complete it using just the one. I now need to hand sew the stem, leaves and flowers.
Feeling Groovy? Well I loved the range so much that I ordered 3 half metres and a metre of a stripe from The Fat Quarter Company.
It has mushrooms, rainbows  and hearts. The rainbow batiks were to be the sashing for this but it dominated so the batiks will go intosomething else- stay tuned! Instead I had a metre of plain royal blue so that has gone in. When my back recovers it will have another border in the Feeling Groovy stripe. Tomorrow.
In the evening I picked up the knitting needles. This will be the lower part of a cream aran cardi.
I’ve started the right sleeve. Tonight I will be getting on with Angel Garden.

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