May Day Makings, garden, lake walk.

 Happy May Day!!!
 Bungle and Squeak om a walk around the Marine Lake.
With all the rain, this is one of the few bright days of April.
 I wouldn’t take any today- gry grim and drizzly.
 I could do with a few more days like this and a house buyer.
 Flowering cherry, tulips and wallflower in the garden.
 Tulips from Amsterdam, cherry again, bluebell and the path under the rose arches.
 Part of the front garden.
Buff bottomed bee in the flowering currant.
Aubretia and wallflower
Close up of aubretia. Great applique idea.
Oranges and yellows of wallflower.
Pieris, flowering cherry and aubretia in 3 shades of purple.
Violas in hanging baskets to give curb appeal.
Front of the house.
I bought a little something for the new house. It is made by Kaija in Finland. The purple and burgundy end papers are from Tibet.
 Quality paper for jotting down what will be the 1st thoughts about my new home where ever it may be.It is such a perfect book- every detail is expertly worked.
I took one of her books to Egypt last year to write the details of my Nile travels in. What occassions do you want to not forget this year? Would a Kaija book suit you too?
Finally this is what I’ve been working on today. Back home in Oxfordshire it is May Morning. This Angel Garden by Lynette Anderson will be my own May Angel. The majority of fabrics are Kaffe. I’m waiting for some adhesive bias tape to arrive as it needs about 6m of it for flower stems in the centre and to join the circular flowers on the green border. Nothing is in a fixed position yet, apart from the angel and the moon.
I’ve been making lots of other things but nothing I can show yet as they are in the post to people. It is so good to sew again. The only bad bit is if we get a call about people wanting to view the house, then it all has to go in the cupboard quickly! 🙂

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