Feb- March catch up. SC 3 +Makings

 Sorry it’s another catch up post. Back in March it was my birthday.
So many lovely things from family too!
 Look Candace a little garlic chopping car gismo! I had to have one after you shared yours on your blog.
 I am also showing some Valentine’s gifts.
 Thank you lovely ladies for the wonderful presents. You really helped make the day so special. Unfortunately some pics are AWOL. Sorry.
 Here is a little walk in Ashurst Beacon earlier this month.
 Runins of an old house.
 A filled in well shaft.
 Steps mossed over.
 Bluebells were out a little earlier than in previous years.

 It’s good to see green again.
 View towards Liverpool.

 It has been a dry Spring so far.
 I liked the way the light shone through the flag iris leaves.
 Hawthorne blossom.
 What with the bulk of this year having been spent inside getting the house fit to sell, I needed this walk. 
We’ve had a couple of viewings but no offers yet. I’m crossing everything!!!
 Thank you Deb for the kind parcel for Daughter. She got it just before she returned to uni and loved all of it. Her thank you card is in the post.
 I found a use for the left over ball ends- hairbands!
 Big cabbage flower.
 Dainty frilled flower.
 Daughter packed these ones with her.
 These will go in the post today.
 While Daughter was here she introduced me to the most wonderful hand care system. After all the DIY my hands needed a little pampering, so I got these at half price on-line. The hand recovery has salt in to exfoliate and moisturises afterwards. The hand remedy then further moisturises. For once I didn’t go with a Rose scent but went for the fresh smell of Lavender.
Finally my finish of the day- Scandinavian Christmas 3. I am making this as part of a group co ordinated by Ulla. I need to bond 4 next- the final big picture. There is so much work in each block that they take a long time to complete.
I am disliking this new blogger system but at least this time my photos loaded in 1 go. How are you all finding it?

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