Scandinavian Christmas, Skiing, Valentines

 This is a bit of a catch up post. So grab a cuppa . Above is Lynette Anderson’s Scandinavian Christmas. Blocks 1and 2 are complete, 3 is bonded ready to sew, 4 is waiting to be bonded, and 5 is mainly done, just needing an inner border when 1-4 are ready. Thank you Ulla for hosting this and keeping us organised. She has a side bar link to everyone’s finished blocks. 
But let me take you back to dreary January
and over the Lancashire moors to Rossendale.
It is a small town which once had mills to manufacture cotton cloth
grown in other parts of the British Empire, as it was back in the Victorian period.
This pylon looks like a giant striding across the landscape.
The colour of the sky against the hills was stunning.
But we were here for this- a refresher sesh for Son who had a school trip booked for half term in Austria.
There was a party there with adults dressed in their 1980s ski gear. I still have my old lilac suit with a neon trim. The fashion will come back one day. LOL
We left as the sun was setting. I loved this sign on the way home. I think it was a fish and chip shop.
We came back to this though. A dead feather duster which I had only bought a few days before.
Guess which Squeak-girl wouldn’t meet our eye?
Son for once took some photos! When he went to Holland he took a pic of the toilets and a bunk bed. We had words.
Nassfeld Mountains
Ski lift
Well at least we have proof he went. 🙂

In “Operation Wool Cupboard” I used some tapestry wools to make this lavender filled heart for Husband on Valentine’s Day. There are 2 peach colours in the background. The pattern came from Romantic Needlepoint by Candace Bahouth. It is the original book where the teapot design I have on the wicker chair came from. I only saw it in a magazine then later bought the book. 
Thank you Terri for the Valentine Floosie Swap you sent me. Sorry that I have got so far behind with my blog that it has taken so long to share the sweet thread keep, wonderful tea which has helped keep me sane, and the pretty rose fabric. 

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