Last of Portsmouth and Makings at long last!!!!

 Just imagine the history that Sally Port saw!
 This is my favourite part of Portsmouth and the oldest.
 Landport Gate linked Portsmouth with the dockyard.
King James’ Gate linked Point with Old Town. The stones were originally part of Point Gate but it was enlarged in 1687. The drawbridge and moat were filled in and the gate removed in the mid 19th C.
 “A permanent legacy to the committment of the Europeans who left their native land to create a new home in America”.
 One of the residents who stayed. LOL
 A reminder of the days when this port was defended from the walls. This is a wonderful link full of pics so you can imagine it how it was.
 The Round Tower is one of the first permanent defenses of the port. There was one of timber in 1420, this one is Tudor with many modifications over the years.
 Have a quick look at the defenses.
Ship weather vane! It is far more usual to see cocks or arrows in the Cotswolds where I’m from. Here though it is less agricultural and more naval so ships are more appropriate. I did chuckle though. 🙂
 This is a more modern sight- boats go to Spain, Isle of Wight, etc. from here.
 Capstan Square (a capstan is a drum with a rachet). These chains are a copy of chains which were dug up from the beach in the 1930s. They were the chains which closed the harbour off by raising a wooden boom across the entrance originally.
 Ships timbers used in fencing.
 Little nautical details on Spice Island.
 We ate at the Spice Island Inn. Very tasty with good views of the old outdoor bathing area.
 There are a lot of new apartments as this is a popular area to live in.
 Love the spire!
 But the quirky has a place still,
 Alongside the old. 
There is a map here for those who wish to see where we have walked.
My last photo of Portsmouth was a corvid. Next time is a  February catch up.
 I finally had a day sewing- I wasn’t tidying or cleaning or painting. It was bliss. Remember this from way back in December/January? Bungle’s dog bed is now finished. 🙂 A very overdue tick on list.
 I only used these 2 fabrics and am very pleased with the result which looks like basket weave.
 And Thimbleberries Village Green 2010 is also finished. It has a pieced back which needed a border. I then layered it up, quilted and bound it. It has gone to be a fundraiser for GRWE where we got Bungle and Squeak from. I am glad to have the cupboard space as Laura had gone through her room and wanted bits storing.
I am plodding on with Scandinavian Christmas 2 but have 1 and 5 finished. It feels so good to be sewing again. 
Yesterday I did 3 coats of masonry paint on window sills and the top of the wall. I’ve also got a couple of hanging baskets by the front door for curb appeal. Hopefully someone will want to buy this house soon.

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