Portsmouth Funfair-Square Tower

 Majolica tiles on one of the uni buildings in Portsmouth.
 Decorative details on the top of columns on either side of a doorway.
 We’re off on another walk- this time just to the East of the south tip of the island.
 Wow so retro! A funfair.
 As this was back in early January, the rides were closed.
 There is a tiny strip of shingle beach here. We’ll head West towards Gunwharf Quays along the coastline.
 Flint crab and shells.
 It is a busy stretch of water with ferries going to the Isle of Wight (seen in top left pic) and hovercraft.
 There is a guide for landlubbers like myself.
Spur Redoubt and part of its moat 1680A.D. by King Charles’ engineer Sir Bernard de Gomme.
 We’ll go through this tunnel heading inland.
 Another reminder of Portsmouth’s proud maritime past.
 The old Garrison Church stands in a green. Click to read about what happened to its roof.
 Tiny side door.
 Zoom zoom little camera- it’s not a ship for once on the top of the tower.
 An old window partially blocked.
 It is such a graceful building. Below is what this view faces.
 The Spinaker Tower dominates the sky line.
 Click to read about the statue of Nelson below.
 We are heading towards the old part of Portsmouth which had a Norman harbour. The sky colours were amazing! Lilac blues as well as more usual shades. The light is so special here.
 Square Tower 1494 A.D. built on the orders of Henry VII. You can get married here as an alternative to a church.
 It guarded the narrow entrance to Portsmouth Harbour.
 Huge container ships still come in. The pilot boats are getting into position to help this one in.
 There are benches under the pathway where you can watch all the comings and goings from around the world.
 The container ship is HUGE!!
 OOOOOOO! Dear Santa…..
Other side of the Square Tower- lets look at the memorials. 
The top 2 of these are about Australia. 
Left- 1st Circumnavigation of Australia. 18th July 1801 HM Sloop Investigator under the command of Commander Matthew Flinders , Royal Navy set sail from Portsmouth to carry out a running survey and chart the entire coastline of the then unknown continent of Terra Australis. The circumnavigation was completed between 6th December 1801 and the 9th June 1803. On the return passage Flinders was detained on the Ile de France (Mauritius) for 6 1/2 years, returning to Portsmouth on the 24th October 180, giving Terra Australis the name of Australia.
Right- Birth of Australia. On 13th May 1787, a fleet of 11 ships under the command of Captain Arthur Philip RN, set sail from here. On board were the 1st of those sentenced to transportation to the recently charted coast of New South Wales. Capt. Philip was comissioned to establish a penal colony and to assume the role of Governor. The First Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove on 26th January 1788- the birth of modern Australia.
Bottom left- Roanoke Voyages 1584 North Carolina. From Portsmouth on 26th April 1587 sailed 91 men, 17 women and 9 children as the 2nd colony sent by Sir Walter Raleigh to the area then called Virginia now called North Carolina. There on Roanoke Island they built the “Citie of Raleigh” the 1st English village in America. On 13 August 1587 they baptised the Indian Manteo. On 18th August 1587 was born Virginia Dare, the 1st child of English parents born in the New World and grandaughter of Govenor John White. This colony is now known as Raleigh’s Lost Colony, disappeared between 1587 and 1590. This plaque was unveiled on the 400th anniversary by Governor James C. Martin of North Carolina.
Bottom Right- Falkland Islands Memorial -a memorial to the navy, marines auxillary and merchant navy people who died in 1982 defending the Falkland Islands.
This block of granite was quarried in New South Wales and was given by the citizens of Sydney, Australia. This memorial and its twin in Sydney Cove Australia was the concept of Austin C Spraggs Esq. “a man of Portsmouth”. Sculptor John Robinson.
I felt so close to the rest of the world just here.
I’m sorry I’ve not visited anyone since my last blog post. It’s been one of those weeks. Son has his GCSE coursework to hand in. Some teachers have allowed him a little more time over the hols so he has been working instead of relaxing. Daughter is back from Portsmouth for the hols, so we are all together for a while. If the house sells this will be our last hols together here. She is due in Holland in August, then back in Portsmouth in the New Year. I’ve not sewn but all the house is painted and my coursework is up to date. Finally finally finally I should have some Blogland time. 
Thank you so much to my friends who sent birthday presents. I am keeping the blog in chronological order so will share the event soon. Your kind thoughts were so appreciated.

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