Portsmouth Cathedral in January and current crafts SC1

 Sorry it has been so long again. It has been one of those weeks where there have been estate agents in and out and I’ve been cleaning and tidying yet again. So let me take you back to January in Portsmouth. From Spinakker Tower in Gunwharf Quays lets head East and race the setting sun to the cathedral.
 Cockles galore are stacked up ready to load into trucks at the fish market.
 Inside are all sorts of things freshly caught in the Enlish Channel and further afield.
 But we must hurry through Old Portsmouth (love it!)
 if we are to get to the Cathedral before it shuts.
 This plaque in the corner of the cathedral grounds is so sad- it tells of a bomb killing people in a cellar on this spot. Click to read.
 It is situated to the right of this picture. This side of the cathedral looks new compared with the medieval other side.
 Look up at the tower, can it be?
 Zoom zoom little camera- yes another ship themed weathervane.
 Another ship is inside.
 Organ loft
 There is a brass plaque on the above beam which reads
“The old oak from which this poor box and the post of the Mayor’s Desk in the Mayor’s Pew are made, once formed part of HMS Tremendous one of Brittain’s wooden battleships. She was built at Woolwich in 1784, fought under Admiral Lord Howe on the glorious 1st June 1794, was cut down to a 50 gun frigate and re-named the Grampus in 1845, paid off 4 years later and converted into a powder hulk and broken up in 1897.
The panels of the ceiling of the sounding board over the pulpit and the giuilded stars thereon, are of timber from HMS Tremendous, Queen Charlotte Actoeon, and Chesapeake and the central rose is from The Victory. These relics of the wooden walls of old England and the cost of making the Sounding Board were the gift of members of the congregation of this church at its restoration AD 1904, when the figure surmounting the sounding board was replaced after a lapse of 30 years”.
 Everywhere are strong reminders that this is a cathedral of a naval town.
 With a proud tradition of protecting England.
 St George.
 The stained glass windows were very beautiful.
 Some medieval painted plaster survived in a side chapel.
 Views up and down the cathedral.
 Historical figures of Portsmouth who helped build the original church are dressed as merchants among more heroic figures from history. There are loads more January photos of Portsmouth to show you next time such as a fun fair beach and Isle of Wight ferries.
 But you probably want to see what I’ve been doing other than DIY. Above a bag and tunic in Icelandic wool. I had a carrier bag of the stuff for goodness knows how long, so as part of my “operation de-stash yarn before moving house and take the wool cabinet to a charity shop” I used most of it up.
 The pattern came from here for free. I had a lot of trouble matching the tension correctly, and I made it longer with a curled over neckline instead of sewing the stocking stitch facing to the inside. I made the moss stitch longer at the bottom as it kept curling over.
 I also used what colours I had rather than what they recommended. I think I quite like it. It will be a while before I can wear it though as it is 22c already this week.
 It was my birthday yesterday. My present to myself was to get back on my sewing machine for the 1st time this year and sew the 17 churn dash blocks needed for Lynette Anderson’s Scandinavian Christmas. Above is my progress so far. I have been sewing the snowflakes in any spare moment so I am ahead for month 5 but behind for month 2. LOL Now isn’t that just typical! I do have Block 2’s applique on now, so there is now excuse not to catch up with the others.
 I am making it as part of a group led by Ulla. She kindly stepped in when it became clear that I wouldn’t have blog time earlier in the year.
 “Stack of reindeer” Block 1 done.
 OO I forgot to show these- an age 10 set in the tiny bits of leftovers. The stripes reminded me of Refresher’s sweets.
And now the very last little bits in an age 1 hat. Apart from a ball end of black, olive green, and some tan, I have finished all the acrylic yarn which has been lingering for too long unused.  Big victory!
It feels good to be properly back again and sewing. I have missed it so much but the house had to take priority for a while. I just hope it sells. I’ll show you a few pics after the Portsmouth ones. There is so much catching up to do.

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