Portsmouth Theatre
 The tiles under the porch were based on The Arts.

 Beautiful balcony.
 I got up early and went for an explore. Above is the building I saw by lamp light the night before with its lion guard.
 Portsmouth and Southsea Railway Station.
 My daughter and I met up and went for a walk to Gunwharf Quays. This building looks like a lipstick!
 This guard tower dates from the time when the quays were full of boat loads of goods needing taxes paying on them. They were only allowed to leave this walled area once they had been paid.
 Jamie Oliver the TV chef has an Italian Restaurant here. Look at the retro ice cream van!
 A friggate was just leaving for a long tour of duty at the gulf. The friendly guide at Spinaker Tower told us what was happening.
 So here is Spinaker Tower. Are you ready to go up?
 Look there is HMS Warrior which I showed you from the ground view last year. Looking west.
Daughter’s uni halls
 Portsmouth looking east.
 Spice Island my favourite part of Portsmouth is at the top of this photo. I will share later.

 Looking west you can see Gosport
 Gosport Marina
HMS Warrior using the zoom on my new camera.
 I picked out some of the Navy boats with it.
 I even found HMS Victory! I am impressed with my little camera.
 In the far distance there were chalk cliffs. The glass is blue in the tower so all the pics have a blue tint.
 There was also a glass platform to stand on -so I did!
 The lipstick building again.
 Looking east to Old Portsmouth.

 I think this is the now decomissioned HMS Arc Royal. Son said he wanted me to bring it home. I said it would never fit in his room. LOL
There are a couple of other bits of knitting but my camera is in a very safe place what with all the painting going on here. More Portsmouth next time.

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