Back At Long Last

 Remember way back in January when I was last in Blogland? I was showing you Portsmouth on the south coast of England.
 The inflatable igloos have chairs and a table in them for when you want that bit more privacy. My daughter met a project group in one so they could work together.
 Victorian building with a modern one peeping from behind.
 This pub “The White Swan” was one of my fav buildings. It is just by my daughter’s uni accomodation, so whenever there is a fire drill she goes in there.
 Just look at the carvings by the door- like mini ship’s figureheads.
 I wonder if a ship’s carpenter made them?
 Way above were carved faces.  Below is a ship weathervane. There are always reminders in the architecture that this is a naval town.
 So you are probably wondering just what I’ve been doing. It’s the longest I have ever been away from Blogland! I have missed you all, but the house needed work with decorating, more de-cluttering and sorting.
 In a big push to be able to take the wool cabinet to the charity shop, I’ve been knitting ball ends into things for my nieces. Jumper aged 9-10 years.
 Cardigan aged 1-2 years
 Sheep jumper set aged 1-2 years.
 With a matching hat.
 Big sister and little sister have matching seahorse jumpers ages 10 and 1-2 years.
 Aran hat and gloves aged 8-11 years.
 Jumper aged 10.
 Pale blue and cream set aged 1-2 years.
 Mittens  and booties 9-12 months.
 Striped set aged 8-11 years
 Bobble and cross set aged 1-2 years.
 Glittery brown set with blue flowers aged 8-11 years.
Grey cotton feel set aged 1-2 years with a wash cloth. 
This is pic heavy enough. More of Portsmouth and gos next time. It wont be another month of waiting! 🙂

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