Knitting and Portsmouth catch up.

 Sorry I didn’t mean to be away for so long. This year I’ve been hitting the ground running. 
I will try to catch up with emails and blog reading soon.
I’ve been using up ball ends of wool on my nieces. Above is a 6-12m Peru inspired jumper.
 A little hat for a 1 yr old.
 A Peru inspired hat for a 9 year old.
A matching set for a 6-12m old.
 Acorn hat age 1yr
 Then I was off to Portsmouth on the south coast.  I was accompanying Daughter back to uni. It is a grueling 6 hour journey by train with many changes. We arrived late at night and her flat mates met the train and helped with my daughter’s cases. Lovely people!
I stayed in a hotel near her uni- hall flat.
 It was basic but very clean, and an ideal based to explore from.
 View of Daughter’s hall from the hotel.
 Ensuite window.
 With an Art Deco touch.
 Daylight view. I’ll share more of Portsmouth next time.
 Apologies for not sharing this earlier- a kit present from Anne Marie when we met in November.
 Isn’t it so cute with the elf hatted children! Thank you Anne Marie.
 Talking of hats- a 9 yr size acorn hat to match the little one.
 I had some lilac wool left and some purple and white so I came up with these stripey sets. One aged 1 with hat mittens and booties
 And an aged 9 hat and scarf which used up most of the remaining wool.
 This was a little birthday present for Tracy.
 Her blog is full of serene love and creativity.
We burned the last of the palm tree which died last Winter in the front garden. It has been cold here with gale winds this year. I hope you are all keeping warm and safe wherever you are. 
We are currently clearing and cleaning the house in preparation to reduce the price and re-market it to sell. It needs to happen this Summer before Son starts A levels or equivalent, or we are stuck for another 2 years. The plan is to be closer to Daughter so she doesn’t have such a long journey to come home and be supported.
I hope to catch up with you soon and be a better blogger. 
Everyone should have their Valentine Floosie Swap partner’s details by now. If you haven’t- let me know and I will re-send them.
I’m working on the 1st block of the Scandinavian Christmas BOM for the end of the month -it’s a lot of work. I hope you others who have signed up for the sew-along are having fun with it.

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