What a week!

 The carpet came up in the hallway. We found what we thought might’ve been the old trap door to the cellar area under the front of the house. Nosy Pipsqueak and Precious wondered what we were up to.
 The other half of the L shaped hall had newer boards.
 I knitted these in the evenings for the GRWE charity stall on Saturday in Nantwich.
Now the after pics!
I put the first coat of varnish down on Friday. Lovely husband was napping upstairs having been up since the crack of dawn (early worm! LOL) and Son was at school. I varnished my way into the living room and watched TV with a pair of knitting needles and 4 hounds. Oh yes all was hunky dorey and tickerty boo. Unfortunately
(You  knew I was going to say that didn’t you?)
Unfortunately the varnish was still tacky when Lovely Husband woke up and Son came home from school. This meant that LH was stranded upstairs for an hour, and Son had to park  his bike at the side of the house and climb in through the front window about 6ft off the ground. 
Oh la! I couldn’t stop laughing! 
Son and I were then stranded in the living room. (There are no doors linking rooms in the house- every room has a door to the hallway.) He needed the toilet and I needed a coffee! Oh joyful! 🙂
 Then later a delivery driver rang the bell so had to hand the parcel up to the window. Oh la! 
So not to have that happen again I stayed up all night and did the other 2 coats of varnish while LH and Son slept.
So there you have it the before and after pics. The stairs are still a work in progress. 140 years of paint take a bit of shifting.
 The other projects for the evenings and when not sanding and varnishing have been hand sewing the pot-grabs for the GRWE charity stall.
 The appliques are by Nancy Halvorsen- Snowmen
 I woke up at 5.30 Monday morning knowing what I could do with the final pieces of fabric which the ebay lady had given me for GRWE. I appliqued some Nancy Halvorsen reindeer on them with button eyes.
 The donated fabrics became the linings for these bags.
 Gold trees on red woven fabric. The outers were green with gold dots, so very festive.
 Gold stars on red woven fabric.
 Gold trees on green woven fabric.
Everything including the other shoes and teatowels I shared before, went in the mid day post on Monday. I will make my niece some other pairs with the ball ends of yarn.
I’ve also finally finished a few things I’ve had in the pipeline. 
Watch out for your postman!
But not so close that he wonders if you have a thing for him. 🙂

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